Fellowship is a big part of the Christian life. It is one of the four pillars of the the New Testament church recorded in Acts 2:42. Calvary Connect Groups meet weekly throughout our community to provide a place for believers to meet together and discuss what God is doing in their personal lives and through Calvary Chapel.

 It is always best practice to call the Connect Group leader prior to attending to verify that the group is  meeting that evening, as emergencies occasionally arise.



*Calling or Emailing Connect Group Leaders is recommended before attending



Leader-             Pete Vitale

Contact-            772.285.2496

Host-              Pete & Jenn Vitale

Address-         2255 47th Ave

                      Vero Beach 32966

Day & Time-   Sundays6:00pm

*young adults




Leader -         Joey Hale

Contact-        772.532.8081


Host-             Joey & Sheri Hale

Address-       contact host for information

Day & Time-     Mondays7:30pm

*college & career




Leader -        Dan Pennell

Contact-       772.913.2993


Host-             Dan & Claudina Pennell

Address-       114 Queen Catherine Ct,

                     Ft. Pierce, FL 34949

Day & Time-    Tuesdays6pm (Food)

                     7pm (Bible study)




Leader-             Shane Wright

Contact-            772.584.1082

Host-              Shane & Tara Wright

Address-           2616 Laurel Drive

                        Vero Beach 32960

Day & Time-   Sundays6:00pm




Leader-             Kathy Brennan

Contact-            772.538.0211

Host-                 Kathy Brennan

Address-            525 21st Ave

                        Vero Beach 32962

Day & Time-       Tuesdays7:00pm    

*grief share group



Leader -           Mark Mazzarella

Contact-            772.532.5059


Host-                Mark & Florinda Mazzarella

Address-           670 15th Ave

Day & Time-      Wednesdays6:30pm

*Truth Project (limited to 5 couples per 13 week session)






Leader -            Jim Masterson

Contact-            706.631.7701

Host-                 Alma Hurt

Address-           1122 9th Square

                        Vero Beach, FL 32960

Day & Time-       Fridays6:00pm

*currenly studying Living Water







Leader-             Gail Nelson

Contact-            713.492.1141

Host-                Gail & Jan Nelson

Address-           1026 Flamevine Lane #201

                        Vero Beach 32963

Day & Time-   1st and 3rd Friday 6:30pm




Leader-             Jeff Burgard

Contact-            772.577.3817

Host-                Rich & Lamare Notorgiacomo

Address-            5051  4th Place

                        Vero Beach 32962

Day & Time-   Sundays5:30-7:30pm