Fellowship is a big part of the Christian life. It is one of the four pillars of the the New Testament church recorded in Acts 2:42. Calvary Connect Groups meet weekly throughout our community to provide a place for believers to meet together and discuss what God is doing in their personal lives and through Calvary Chapel.

Find the Connect Group that best suites you!

*Calling or Emailing Connect Group Leaders is recommended before attending


Leader-             Pete Vitale

Contact-            772.285.2496

Host-              Pete & Jen Vitale

Address-         2255 47th Ave

                      Vero Beach 32966

Day & Time-   Sundays6:00pm

*young adults



Leader -         Joey Hale

Contact-        772.532.8081


Host-             Joey & Sheri Hale

Address-       contact host for information

Day & Time-     Mondays7:30pm

*college & career



Leader -        Dan Pennell

Contact-       772.913.2993


Host-             Dan & Claudina Pennell

Address-       114 Queen Catherine Ct,

                     Ft. Pierce, FL 34949

Day & Time-    Tuesdays 6pm (Food)

                     7pm (Bible study)



Leader -        Lundy Fields

Contact-       770.312.5165


Host-             Lundy & Kit Fields

Address-       715 Painting Bunting Lane

                     Vero Beach 32963

Day & Time-    Tuesdays 7:30pm



Leader-             Shane Wright

Contact-            772.584.1082

Host-              Shane & Tara Wright

Address-           2616 Laurel Drive

                        Vero Beach 32960

Day & Time-   Sundays6:00pm



Leader-             Kathy Brennan

Contact-            772.538.0211

Host-                 Kathy Brennan

Address-            525 21st Ave

                        Vero Beach 32962

Day & Time-       Tuesdays7:00pm    

*grief share group



Leader -           Mark Mazzarella

Contact-            772.532.5059


Host-                Mark & Florinda Mazzarella

Address-           670 15th Ave

Day & Time-      Wednesdays6:30pm

*Truth Project (limited to 5 couples per 13 week session)



Leader -            Jim Masterson

Contact-            706.631.7701

Host-                 Alma Hurt

Address-           1122 9th Square

                        Vero Beach, FL 32960

Day & Time-       Fridays6:00pm

*currenly studying Living Water



Leader-             Gail Nelson

Contact-            713.492.1141

Host-                Gail & Jan Nelson

Address-           1026 Flamevine Lane #201

                        Vero Beach 32963

Day & Time-   1st and 3rd Friday 6:30pm



Leader-             Jeff Burgard

Contact-            772.577.3817

Host-                Rich & Lamare Notorgiacomo

Address-            5051  4th Place

                        Vero Beach 32962

Day & Time-   Sundays5:30-7:30pm